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Displeased with Atlético-MG’s defeat this Sunday to Atlético-GO, by 2-1, in Goiânia, the soccer director of the Minas Gerais team, Rodrigo Caetano, made a statement after the match, criticizing the referee’s performance.

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The athletic official stated that he will ask for the audio of the video referee (VAR) in order to understand the reasons for the possible penalty bid in favor of the Rooster has not been validated.

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Referee Raphael Claus analyzes possible penalty in favor of Atlético-MG — Photo: Pedro Souza

The move occurred after five minutes of play. After a cross by Nacho, the ball hit midfielder Gabriel Baralhas’s hand, inside Atlético-GO’s area. The video umpire recommended reviewing the bid, but field umpire Raphael Claus considered the normal bid after checking the monitor.

– The intention of the statement is just to ratify that we will once again follow the rite that the CBF and the arbitration commission suggest to us of being able to listen to the VAR’s audio to understand what we do not understand. The defeat, as it was, regardless of having gone ahead, taking the turn, Atlético-GO has nothing to do with it. However, a football game is decided in the details – said Rodrigo Caetano.

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Rodrigo Caetano criticizes refereeing after Atlético-MG defeats Atlético-GO

The football director at Atlético-MG recalled that after the match last Wednesday, against Santos, the team from Minas also complained about the arbitration criteria. In the game against Peixe, Galo protested because of two moves, which, in the view of the Belo Horizonte team, should have been awarded a penalty.

– During the week, after the game against Santos, I also had the opportunity to say that we wanted the VAR to be a criterion. And criteria is the only thing we didn’t see. In fact, criteria for some exist and for the Rooster does not exist. Yesterday we saw a penalty just like what happened today. And today, in the afternoon game, in the same way, Palmeiras and Internacional. Only the Rooster’s penalty that is not scored by the referee. Because the VAR didn’t call him. In the last games, we had five penalties to give two.

Rodrigo Caetano criticized the choice of referee Raphael Claus for this Sunday’s game, in Goiânia. According to the manager, Claus played a decisive role in a Flamengo match, in the last edition of the Brazilian Championship.

– I sincerely hope it’s just incompetence and nothing more. However, this citizen who whistled here today the game of Rooster, was the same citizen who last year whistled a game in Maracanã between Internacional and Flamengo where he was called by the VAR and expelled a player from Internacional in the first half. This year we are the ones in this dispute. And I tell you, the more you try, the stronger we will be.

So much the president of Atlético-MG, Sérgio Coelho, as the vice, José Murilo Procópio, and Rodrigo Caetano spent the last days demanding CBF criteria for the final rounds of Brasileirão. Galo’s football director insisted on the request once again

– If until now what we’ve done isn’t enough, maybe in front of the entire board, we’re going to meet so that we have what we demand, criteria, that’s all. Neither benefited nor harmed. There cannot, in the same round, two other penalties, equal to the one we had today, for other clubs to be confirmed and ours not. This we will not admit. Our fans are suffering in this regard. We all are. So we come here, in this manifestation, to request, once and for all, that we have explanations. Only that.

When we lost, Cuca was here giving technical and tactical explanations, we are here in the same way. It has no problem. But we demand that the refereeing committee tell us which criterion is valid for some clubs and not for Galo – Rodrigo Caetano

– Once and for all, we will not tolerate this anymore and today we feel very prejudiced with a capital move six minutes into the first half that could have changed the history of the game – concluded the manager.

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Partner Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG — Photo: Disclosure


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