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It’s party after party! After lifting the 2021 Brazilian champion trophy this Sunday, at Mineirão, players and other Atlético-MG employees went to a private celebration in Nova Lima, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte. With shows by Alexandre Pires, among other attractions, the night will be full of celebration after winning the bi-championship.

The party was scheduled to start at 10 pm and, on schedule, around 30 fans were in the place waiting for the arrival of the big stars. Security sealed off, and the press and fans stayed well away from the front door. Athletes started arriving shortly after 22:00 and did not stop to talk to journalists or meet fans.

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Party hall rented for the party has a replica of the MRV Arena at the entrance — Photo: Guilherme Macedo /

At the door of the ballroom rented for the party, a replica of the MRV Arena was placed to greet guests. Athletic president Sérgio Coelho arrived around 22:20 and quickly posed for a photo of a fan. The Brazilian champion’s cup was also placed at the entrance to the party. The former president of the club, Sérgio Sette Câmara, was present. He was the president who preceded the current president of the club.

Two players quickly stopped to answer the press. Guga side, with a new look, with braids in his hair, opened the car window and sang the chorus that became a melody for the Atleticans since Thursday.

EW! Galão won once again

Midfielder Matias Zaracho spoke quickly before arriving at the party. According to the Argentine, now is the time to enjoy because on the weekend Galo “turns the key” to another competition – the dispute for the title of the Copa do Brasil.

Coach Cuca, assistant Cuquinha and family members arrived in a van at 23:00. They didn’t stop to meet fans either. Director Rodrigo Caetano waved at photos and smiled when the party arrived. Many other players arrived for the celebration before 00:00

With the party night, this Monday, the cast will have time off. The rerun is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday, Galo travels to Porto Alegre, where he faces Grêmio, on Thursday, for the last round of the Brazilian Nationals. The club has a return (and training) scheduled for Friday.


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