Atlético-GO defeats Bahia, ends seven games and distances itself from Z-4 – 11/29/2021

In the second half additions, the Atlético-GO got an important victory over Bahia by 2-1, at home, tonight (29). The 35th round game had all the goals after the break. The home team opened the penalty kick with Marlon Freitas, the visitors tied with Rodallega and Janderson gave the final numbers to the clash.

The victory makes the team from Goiás end the fast of seven matches without a victory and rise to 13th place, with 44 points. Tricolor, on the other hand, has 40 points, the same score as Juventude, which is in the Z-4, but in 16th place for having more victories (10 to 9).

Tricolor returns to the field this Thursday (2), in the match that could give the Brasileirão title to Atlético-MG. The delayed match of the 32nd round will be at 6pm, at Arena Fonte Nova. After that, the team still hosts Fluminense and visits Fortaleza. For the 36th round, Dragão visits Fortaleza. Chapecoense this Friday (3), at 20h. The red-green team plays against Inter, in Beira-Rio, and Flamengo, at home, their last two commitments in the championship.

Who did well: Janderson

An important piece for the red-black attack, he was smart and managed to create the penalty shot. With great disposition during the 90 minutes, he still wrote down the goal that guaranteed the victory for Dragão in the second-half stoppages.

Who was wrong: Lucas Mugni

The Bahia midfielder had a good first half, but missed everything in the second. He took a yellow card at eight when pulling Ronald and avoiding a promising attack. At 11, he committed the penalty on Janderson and deserved to be sent off, but referee Ramon Slaughtered Abel did not show the second yellow. Soon after, he left the field for Rossi’s entrance.

Atlético-GO tries by the sides

The home team explored a lot the lateral plays, mainly in the right sector with Dudu. The team managed to reach the end line, but when it came time to finish it brought little danger to goalkeeper Danilo Fernandes. With problems creating, he got the goals betting on Janderson’s speed.

Well compacted Bahia

The Steel Squadron acted with the lines very close to attack and, mainly, to defend itself. The Tricolor did not give space to the rival and prevented the shots near or inside the area. After he left behind the scoreboard, coach Guto Ferreira put the team forward and got the tie. But the team faltered in the end and took the second goal in a counterattack.

first half of little football

The opening 45 minutes reserved little emotion for the fans. The 14 absences and recurrent medical appointments also hampered the pace of the game. The only successful submission came from André Luís, at 15. On the right, he hit the low corner of goalkeeper Danilo Fernandes, who showed good reflex and managed to deflect it to corner.

In addition, the most dangerous conclusions were a shot by Gilberto at 33, which went up a lot, for Bahia and a shot by Zé Roberto, who, at 40, brought from the left to the center and hit hard.

With a penalty, Dragon opens the scoreboard

Janderson took advantage of the mistake made by defender Gustavo Henrique, stole the ball and was only stopped inside the area with a stroke by Lucas Mugni. The defensive midfielder already had the yellow card and, even with the referee marking the penalty, he was not sent off. Marlon Freitas, at 15. charged very well and no chances of defense.

Bahia launches, draws, but suffers the second

Coach Guto Ferreira didn’t expect anything and has already drawn Mugni to the entrance of forward Rossi. The coach made the Tricolor press and left the team in Goiás back. Just 12 minutes were enough for equality to return to the scoreboard. Rossi took advantage of the cross and hit the ball into the middle of the area. Rodallega got ahead of defender Pedro Henrique and hit the back of the net.

When the match was already on its way to the end, Lucão worked well with his back turned and played for Janderson. The forward accelerated from the right and sent a bomb to ensure Atlético-GO’s victory.

Dragon suffers from injuries

With just 17 minutes of the ball rolling, André Luis went down and had to be replaced by Ronald. Still at the end of the first stage, João Paulo also asked to leave the field, but coach Marcelo Cabo waited the break to put Rickson in his place, thus avoiding burning his second stop for the changes.


Data: 11/29/2021 (Monday)
Local: Antônio Accioly Stadium, in Goiânia (GO);
Hour: 19h (from Brasília);
Referee: Ramon Abatti Abel (SC);
Auxiliaries: Kleber Lucio Gil (SC) and Alex dos Santos (SC);
WHERE: Rodrigo Guarizo Ferreira do Amaral (SP).

Goals: Marlon Freitas (13’/2ºT) and Janderson (49’/2ºT) for Atlético-GO and Rodallega (25’/2ºT) for Bahia.

Yellow cards: Éder, Marlon Freitas, Janderson, Baralhas (ATG); Lucas Mugni, Patrick, Juninho Capixaba (BAH)
Red card: Juninho Capixaba (BAH).

Atlético-GO: Fernando Miguel; Dudu, Éder, Pedro Henrique and Arthur Henrique; Marlon Freitas, Willian Maranhão (Lucão) and João Paulo (Rickson); Janderson, André Luis (Ronald and later Montenegro) and Zé Roberto (Baralhas). Technical: Marcelo Cabo.

Bahia: Danilo Fernandes; Nino Paraíba, Conti, Gustavo Henrique and Matheus Bahia; Lucas Mugni (Rossi), Patrick and Rodriguinho (Daniel); Raí (Ronaldo César), Juninho Capixaba and Gilberto (Rodallega). Technical: Guto Ferreira.


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