Atlas – Uncovering the Secrets of Billionaire Pa Salt’s Mysterious Past

As their father, the enigmatic billionaire Pa Salt, wished, the seven sisters of Aplièse are reunited aboard the Titan on the Aegean Sea to pay him their last respects. While each has discovered their own story, the true identity of their beloved father remains unknown to them. Where does this man who raised them come from and what secrets was he hiding? The answers may be found in the diary he left behind… It all started in 1928 in Paris, when a young boy was discovered, almost dead, at the bend of an alley. Although he refuses to utter a single word and reveal his name, his exceptional gift for music allows him to forge deep ties with the members of the Landowski family who took him in. With them, he rediscovers love and gradually heals the wounds of his past. But in a Europe struggling with the darkest hours of its history, he knows that the day will come when he will have to flee again… Across oceans and continents, Atlas, the story of Pa Salt is the unforgettable conclusion, made up of love and drama, of the phenomenon saga whose greatest secret it reveals!

2023-06-07 01:08:13
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