Athletic Bilbao and Real Sociedad request cup final in front of fans

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Don’t understand this panting for spectators.
The situation is clearly not desirable and ghost games are rather suboptimal.

But you still want to finish competitions.
There are not only fans / spectators in the stadium, but also those in front of the television.
The number of TV viewers is much larger than that of the couple in the stadium. You let them
then sit on dry …

In addition, the new season starts sometime. You can’t do that with that
start a new competition if the old one is not yet completed.
In addition, players are already gone again because they are bought away or their contracts
leak. They will then also be deprived of their participation in the final.

Basically, I also agree with you that ghost games are very important so that it continues at all.

But in this case it’s just Basque, the fans are something very special!

The first purely Basque endgame is to be an absolute highlight for the whole environment in the Basque Country.

Without spectators, the value of the cup success would decrease.

A possible waiver of European competition clearly shows how important such an endgame is for the area.


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