Atari returns to the entertainment world with NFT

The legendary brand needs no introduction.

20 September 2022 · 18:43

Atarione of the largest consumer brands and producers of interactive entertainment iconic of the world, will open the process of a new NFT collaboration with the Brazilian pop culture artist Butcher Billy.

The 2,600 unique NFT collection, based on 15 original artworks, celebrates the Atari 50th anniversary. Each NFT of fine arts includes a high level of utility, based on the rarity and characteristics of the individual work. In total, cardholders will be distributed $ 500,000 worth of benefits.

Each NFT unlocks advantages related to its characteristics

  • Free physical merchandise (clothes, consoles, cartridges collectibles and more)
  • An opportunity to get some of The Sandbox’s $ 100,000 in benefits, including a range of free alpha passes
  • Ongoing digital benefits, including free NFTs, codes for new Atari video games, and more
  • 2,600 Unstoppable Domain accounts, with a combined value of $ 260,000

Holders will also have a one in ten chance of being able to redeem a free framed art print of their unique NFT.

Additionally, owners who aren’t lucky enough to get a free print can still request a discounted one. Only one impression can be ordered per owner, and as a single NFT is bought and sold, the number of impressions made will be displayed.

Atari and Unstoppable Domains share the goal of making Web3 accessible, which is why a free, $ 100 Unstoppable Domains account is included with every NFT.

Unstoppable Domains replaces long and complicated wallet addresses with elegant usernames gamertag. People can then use their personalized “profile” to log in metaversos and other experiences of blockchainand collect, store and send NFTs.

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