Atalanta-Juventus 1-1, the report cards: Malinovskyi boom, De Ligt is a wall

Final result: Atalanta-Juventus 1-1

ATALANTA (report cards by Antonino Sergi)
Sportiello 6.5 – A series of noteworthy saves, he says no to Vlahovic several times in both halves. He just has to surrender to Danilo’s header that gives the Bianconeri the equalizer.
Fool 6.5 – From the very first minutes he faces Morata with his head held high and with personality, tightly marking the Spaniard without giving him space in the offensive area. He tries to make himself heard even in the opponent’s penalty area.
Demiral 6.5 – He has one goal: to neutralize Vlahovic. A battle won by the Turk, elbowing and anticipating. He gives the Juventus striker a few opportunities but keeps the level of attention high throughout the course of the match.
Djimsiti 5.5 – One of the most difficult tasks falls to him, sometimes he ends up lending his side to Dybala. In the second half he sent a shiver down the back of the Goddess with a header that almost mocked Sportiello.
Hateboer 5 – One gear less than his colleague Zappacosta, has more than a few difficulties in comparison with Morata. He gets a yellow card for a bad foul on De Sciglio. In the final the opportunity of doubling fails with an empty net, hitting the crossbar that could close the contest.
Freuler 7 – Try as a fighter, engage in several duels in the middle of the field, almost always coming out as a winner. Valuable player in Gasperini’s game economy, heart and lungs. Then his touch for Malinovskyi’s network.
The Roon 6 – A revisable first half, a sacrifice recovery. The first danger of the recovery comes from his right, then he does not spare himself in the most heated phase of the challenge.
Zappacosta 6 – An hour of play at a good level, but better at the end of the first half when Atalanta presses hard on the accelerator while lowering a bit too much in the second half before the change. From 61 ‘Maehle 6 – Half an hour of substance for him.
Koopmeiners 6.5 – One of the keys to the game from Bergamo, he starts as an attacking midfielder and often goes down to set the Nerazzurri action. Elegant and with a left-handed always formidable on set pieces.
Muriel 5 – Full failure in the report card, disappointed at the time of the change probably aware of the test not up to its qualities. He never finds the right flicker to make himself dangerous, he has a great chance in the first half but wastes with the goal unguarded. From 61 ‘Malinovskyi 7 – An electric shock in the match, his left-handed is golden for Atalanta. A super conclusion that was about to give Champions success.
Of God 5.5 – First as a starter in Serie A with the new shirt, a lot of anticipation for the former Sassuolo who lights up at times. He has two good chances but hits De Ligt in both situations. He is slowly entering into Gasperini’s schemes. From 90 ‘ Pasalic sv.
Trainer Gian Piero Gasperini 6.5 – It was a tactical match, complicated and in full emergency. The spirit of the Goddess comes out, he replies blow by blow to the Juventus attacks even without the best Muriel and with heavy absences in front. Guess the changes, Malinovskyi upsets the balance on the pitch and goes one step away from victory.

JUVENTUS (report cards by Gaetano Mocciaro)
Szczesny 6 – Graced by Mariani when Koopmeiners contrasts outside the area after 30 ‘, he is exalted when the Atalantines frame the goal by responding to the present.
Danilo 7 – Scoring is not part of his repertoire, in fact the last center dates back to 13 months ago. Yet he is the black and white hero of the evening, when he lets himself be found ready by goring like an expert center forward from a corner. Juve remains fourth and thanks.
Bonucci 6 – Leader of the department, he saves on Muriel’s conclusion with the door wide open and is appreciated for a couple of closures. Some excess of security, however, risks costing you dearly, as when in his area he tries unsuccessfully to dribble. From 79 ‘ square sv
7 – Great physicality and timing in the closures, at the cost of using “Bruce Harper” methods (for Holly & Benji lovers). In fact, on Boga he puts his face to it, literally, in stopping a conclusion of him. Providential in the first half on a couple of occasions. Even in his recovery, his presence in defense makes itself felt.
De Sciglio 6 – Favorite to Alex Sandro does not disappoint in comparison with Hateboer. Unlike the Brazilian, he dares a little in front but leaves little room for his opponents behind.
McKennie 6 – A couple of good entries for the American, who starts well but grows long distances. From 81 ‘ Kean sv.
Locatelli 5.5 – The starting shirt is taken back, but the performance is subdued, with suggestions that are not always precise
Rabbit 6 – A good performance in both phases, even close to scoring in the second half. From 86 ‘ Arthur sv.
Dybala 6 – Not brilliant evening for the Jewel, who, however, is rehabilitated by perfectly brushing the corner for Danilo’s goal. A magic at the beginning of the race with a shot that touches the goal, he tries again in the same way in the second half but overall the Atalantines manage to contain it well.
Vlahovic 6 – This time he remains with a dry mouth even if he always gives the impression of being able to score. Overflowing physical strength, which opponents hardly contain. Sportiello denies him the goal twice.
Morata 6 – Nedved called him the most important of the trident, extolling his spirit of sacrifice. And the Spaniard confirms himself as invaluable as a sidekick not only for Vlahovic but also good at triggering the insertions of the midfielders. From 86 ‘ What St.
Trainer Massimiliano Allegri 6 – The heavy trident is played and Juventus for a good part of the first half makes the game and the same choices in defense are rewarded. Atalanta’s changes change the inertia and the team, while risking to sink, never gives up and the equal to 92 minutes is proof of this.

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