Atalanta, Ilicic is again bad as in 2020

According to Corriere della Sera, behind the absence against Inter there would be personal problems similar to those that hit him after the first wave of Covid in the spring of two years ago

Not an injury, nor a Covid positive, but a much deeper and more hidden malaise, similar to the one that hit him after the first epidemic wave in the spring of 2020 and that had kept him away from the fields for several months. There would be this, according to the Corriere della Sera, behind the failure to call Josip Ilicic for the last league match against Inter.

The Slovenian is therefore once again having to deal with those personal sufferings that had affected him between the summer and autumn of 2020, when he left the team for several weeks before returning to the field in mid-October.

Since then, Josip has always given his contribution to the Atalantine cause, even though he has never returned to shine at the stellar levels of the season interrupted by the lockdown, scoring important goals this year too, such as the one at Manchester United in the Champions League or the brace at the Empoli in the league.

Its future, of course, is now an unknown. The player has a contract expiring in June 2023, but what matters, more than anything else, will be the possibility of regaining one’s serenity.

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