At the end of July, the Covid-19 patient was traveling on the Riga-Daugavpils bus; asks passengers to respond

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (SPKC) informs that all passengers traveling on this trip should contact the SPKC epidemiologist on 67271738. If symptoms of the disease occur, they should contact their family doctor and have an investigation on Covid-19.

The center reminds that everyone has the opportunity to take a state-paid Covid-19 test, even if there are no symptoms. You must sign in in advance by calling 8303.

The SPKC reminds that in such cases, the “Stop Covid” application can help to find out sooner that you have been in contact with a Covid-19 patient. Using the app will allow you to isolate yourself in a more timely manner so as not to endanger family, colleagues, friends and other residents.

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