At the end of dealings, currencies remained a fire .. Arab currency rates in the National Bank of Egypt

At the conclusion of daily dealings, many people are looking for the prices of Arab currencies against the Egyptian pound, and we will present to you the prices today, Tuesday, January 26, 2021, according to the latest update of it within the National Bank of Egypt.

Arab currency rates at the close of trading today, Tuesday, at the National Bank of Egypt

The Kuwaiti dinar is one of the most important Arab currencies that are found in all Egyptian banks and that many people are always looking for, because there are many Egyptians who work in Kuwait, and they send money to their families in order to be changed into the Egyptian pound, so the search increases a lot for all modern prices Own it all the time.

Also, the Saudi riyal is one of the most common currencies that are spread in all Egyptian banks, and the prices of Arab currencies are related to the local and international stock exchanges. the prices.

It is also worth noting that the UAE dirham, Bahraini dinar, Qatari riyal, Jordanian dinar and other Arab currencies are found in many banks, and a large number of clients who are located in many different parts are looking for them, and they are provided in many Egyptian banks and are at different prices in each bank. From the other.

  • The Kuwaiti dinar was recorded for buying 48.9758 pounds, and selling 52.0579 pounds.
  • The Saudi riyal was registered to buy 4.1102 pounds, to sell 4.202 pounds.
  • Record the UAE dirham to buy 4,241 pounds, sale 4,2908 pounds.
  • The Bahraini dinar was registered to buy 40.4651 pounds, for sale 41.8037 pounds.
  • The Omani riyal was registered to buy 39.7462 pounds, for sale 40.9361 pounds.
  • The Qatari riyal was recorded for buying 4.0675 pounds, selling 4.3273 pounds.
  • The Jordanian dinar was registered to buy 21.7803 pounds, for sale 22.2505 pounds.
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