at the Civil confirmed Covid sick on the Geriatrics floor with shared elevators

Coronavirus, a death at the Venice Civil, in Jesolo they grow discharged

Coronavirus Venice: many open fronts and this inevitably has a load of gravity in the health resources dedicated to contact tracking (tracing contacts with a positive), testing, fiduciary isolation checks and quarantines.
The localized cases that are being paid close attention are different.
The virus has reappeared at the Antica Scuola dei Battuti.

The nursing home had solved the problem of the outbreak lit inside, which had reached about fifty cases in August, but today declares a further positivity regarding an elderly hospitalized.
A case of positivity was also discovered at the Service Center but all the tests carried out on his contacts gave negative results.
The schools from which news concerning the Levi Ponti institute are coming under the magnifying glass

of Mirano which confirms all the negativities of the classmates of a positive child. In the nursery school of Ca ‘Lino in Chioggia, on the other hand, cases are on the rise after the infection of a child discovered on Sunday. Comprehensive swab screening would reveal four more cases among children and teachers.
The school will remain closed and will reopen at the end of the quarantine, confirms the mayor Alessandro Ferro.

Venice discovers 4 positivity in the brigade. No health problems for those concerned but the discovery leads to quarantine for about forty colleagues in the Local Police.
Federica Pellegrini, yet another famous protagonist touched by the spread of the virus, said on Tuesday that her mother also seems to show symptoms.

As for the Civil Hospital of Venice, after the “discovery” of our newspaper of a section for Covid patients prepared on the fifth floor of the Jona Pavilion, in the same corridors of the Geriatric patients, the CGIL had asked for urgent clarifications to Dr. Dal Ben and Dr. Tessarin, respectively general manager and medical director of Ulss 3 Serenissima. Yesterday the confirmation of the trade union organization:

“For the emergency, 19 beds have been activated in the Jona Pavilion on the fifth floor (previously 5 OBI beds) – declares the CGIL -. The beds have been activated in the corridor opposite the Geriatrics beds “. “There are no alternative routes and the elevators are mixed” confirms the trade union organization.

“We are told by many of the operators infected, there are at least 20 doctors, nurses and OSS”, also communicates the CGIL.

“The staff does not have a dedicated bathroom and to undress they have a room without windows and without a sink,” he concludes.

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