At the beginning of my career, I never thought of a hundred zeros, Vaclík said

At the beginning of his career, the goalkeeper of the national team, Tomáš Vaclík, never thought that one day he could catch a hundred net accounts in the highest competitions. The 31-year-old goalkeeper of Seville values ​​the entry into the Czechoslovak League Goalkeepers Club a lot, which he expanded as the 23rd member after Tuesday’s 3-0 victory at the Leganés field in the Spanish league.

“I really appreciate that I got into such a company. Record holder Čechíno (Petr Čech), who has 248 zeros, is hard to beat, but I would like to add some zeros. I was lucky with teammates and teams. I caught in clubs, who managed to win zero-back matches. It’s the sum of it all. “ said Vaclík in an interview with ČTK.

He had other goals at the beginning of his career. “My dreams were to catch the league, then once for the national team and in the Champions League. It never occurred to me that a hundred zeros could be achieved. One has to have closer goals, this one is very long-term, it took me almost nine years.” said the twenty-nine-time representative.

He caught the net account number 99 in a home draw with the champion Barcelona, ​​then collected in Villarreal (2: 2) and at home against Valladolid (1: 1). “I was more sorry that we lost points that didn’t have to be completely lost. Especially in that home game. In Leganés, we finally got three points and bounced back a bit on the competitors in the places guaranteeing the Champions League,” said Vaclík, whose team holds the fourth place in the table after 33 laps of La Liga.

According to him, in Spain and in Seville, they had no idea that there was a Club of League Goalkeepers. “I just talked to our goalie coach that I have 99 zeros and I’m waiting for a hundred. Probably no one else in the club knew, so even the pressure wasn’t so great that everyone would ask me about it,” said the Ostrava native, who kept 34 net accounts in the Czech league, 46 in the Swiss and 20 in the Spanish.

“Before this season, I believed that a hundred could succeed. I was missing 12 zeros, so I thought that if the season was good, it could happen. I’m glad it worked out.” added the former goalkeeper of Žižkov, Sparta or Basel.

He scored the first league zero in August 2011, when he helped Viktoria Žižkov to win 1-0 over the Prague rival Dukla. “I like to remember that, because it was also my first league win,” Vaclík pointed out.

Out of a hundred zeros, the most important one for him was probably the one in September 2018. At that time, he defeated Real Madrid 3-0 at home, although he woke up in the hospital with his injured daughter the night before the match. “I would probably pin this clean account in terms of all the circumstances in and before the match. This zero was probably the most emotional to me.” stated the Czech Footballer of the Year in 2018.


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