At the age of 78, the chairman of the Samsung group died and Jin Korea’s richest I Kun-hi | Companies and markets

Soul At the age of 78, the chairman of the Samsung Group and the son of the founder of the entire conglomerate, I Kun-hi, died on Sunday. The South Korean company informed about it. Jin, the richest man in Korea, died in the presence of his family, including the father of the industrial imprint I e-jong.

Samsung has not changed the pin of death. Kun-hi also underwent surgery after a heart attack in 2014, and in the late 1990s he became ill with lung cancer.

Kun-hi was also born in 1942 and helped his father from a company that originally traded in noodles and fish to build the largest South Korean conglomerate. The Samsung Electronics division, two of its products, mimicked the competition, turning it into the world‘s largest manufacturer of smartphones, televisions and ip memory, the Bloomberg agency wrote.


The son of Samsung’s founder, in an effort to encourage innovation, instilled in the company’s employees to change everything except their wife and children. ebek billion compiled by Bloomberg puts his assets at $ 20.7 billion (474.8 billion K); I will take 66th position on him. After a heart attack, Zen pedaled his only son.

President I was a true vision that turned Samsung into a world leader in innovation and made the city firm an industrial driver, the company said in a statement.


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