At that stage, you don’t see a road where you are. In Jēkabpils, a tractor driver is hit hard by cyclists


Photo: Paula Čurkste / LETA

On Tuesday, in Dignāja parish, Jēkabpils region, a tractor driver was hit by cyclists under the influence of four per cent and without rights, Dace Kalniņa, a representative of the Zemgale Regional Office of the State Police, informed LETA.

Preliminary information shows that the man was driving a tractor “MTZ 82L” and rode into a cyclist who was injured in an accident and taken to a medical institution.

The driver of the tractor was sitting behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol – four per mille were found in his breath – as well as without the right to drive in accordance with the law.

Criminal proceedings have been initiated against the police.

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On the other hand, in Jelgava, Lithuania on the highway, a woman driving a Škoda Octavia rode into a bicycle driver who crossed the street along an adjustable pedestrian crossing. The injured man was taken to hospital.

But in Smārde Parish, Engure District, a man, driving a bicycle, performed a sharp maneuver to the right and rode into a Volkswagen Passat car traveling in the same direction.

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