“At Masterchef you threw the dishes”, “You waste your prices”. The web against Carlo Cracco for anti-waste pizza

Bitter surprise for the restaurant’s customers Carlo Cracco in Milan where only two thirds of pizza were found on the plate instead of a whole one. A mistake? Far from it: a provocation. The popular chef served his customers just a portion of the tasty dish to bring attention to the growing problem of food waste. The noteworthy idea, however, did not meet the consensus of the internet people, who harshly criticized the chef.

On the social networks, in fact, the provocation launched by Carlo Cracco on the occasion of the International Day against Food Waste (which occurs on September 29) was not collected and dozens of users lashed out against the popular chef. Under the video post published on his Instagram page – in which Carlo Cracco explains the initiative – they are so flocked teased and criticisms: “Is that why you make tiny plates? To waste less? “,” Better to say that you don’t waste on the price … “,” For sure there is no need to worry in your restaurant and the funny thing is that in your restaurant there is no waste also because in the dishes you hardly put a damn of food“Pizza does not seem to be good for Cracco for that reason dish had already been criticized months ago for the excessive price (a margherita 16 euros).

To annoy the customers not so much – they were served three quarters of pizza – as much as Internet users, it was above all the past experience of Carlo Cracco a Masterchef. In the culinary program, in fact, the judges used to throw the unsuccessful dishes of the competitors in the competition and were repeatedly criticized for this “light” attitude. This practice has now been abolished, but viewers do not forget and so the social challenge launched by Carlo Cracco soon turned into an attack on him and Masterchef: “But launch the dishes on live television! Pathetic! Go sell fries that maybe that’s your real job! Marchesi said: ‘Cracco is the classic example of the student who does not surpass the teacher’ “,” Co *** one …. so when you do those shitty programs like Masterchef you shouldn’t spit on a dish that was badly done or even throw it into the bucket garbage ……… think foolish before saying certain things “,” It should start with abolishing cooking programs where everything is thrown away the example that you TV chefs set is not the best“.

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