At least 23 injured – New York subway attack suspect in court today – News

    • After the attack on the New York subway that left at least 23 injured, the arrested suspect is due to appear in court this Thursday.
    • The 62-year-old man, who was arrested in Manhattan on Wednesday, is scheduled to appear before Judge Roanne Mann at a Brooklyn borough court, authorities said.
    • He is to be charged with a “terrorist or other violent attack” on public transport. If convicted, the man faces life imprisonment.

The New York-born suspect is accused of opening fire on a subway train in the Brooklyn borough on Tuesday. At least 23 people were injured in the incident, ten of them from gunfire.

The 62-year-old was known to the police

According to the authorities, the man, who last indicated places of residence in Philadelphia and Wisconsin, is known to the police. He has already been arrested nine times in different US states.


Police officers patrolled the subway station after the shooting in the borough of Brooklyn.


Even before the arrest, it was suspected that the 62-year-old could be a man who had complained about New York, Mayor Eric Adams and homelessness on social media, among other things.

According to initial investigation results, the perpetrator acted alone, according to Adams. “There is currently no evidence that there was an accomplice.”

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