At Chelsea, Tatton-Browns followed a “historic moment” with their family

FAMILY REUNION – “20 Minutes” followed Her Majesty’s funeral with the Tatton-Browns, in their “living room” in Chelsea

From our special correspondent in London,

In the Tatton-Brown family I would like … The mother, Elfie, of French descent? The father, Benjamin aka “Ben”? The twins, Felix and Marius, who will soon be entering university? Or the youngest Poppy, 14 years old? This Franco-British family from the affluent neighborhood of Chelsea, located west of Londonmade the author come out of her jokes from the galley by opening the doors of her living room to follow, with her, the funeral of the Queen Elizabeth II.

Because from that Monday morning, very early, it had become impossible to even get closeWestminster Abbeynor the slightest inch of road leading to Windsor Castle where he will be buried Elizabeth II nearby Prince Philip, from this evening. If thousands of English were well placed on this processional way, the millions that remained were, they, in front of their television screen. Like your 20 Minutes reporter, invited to Chelsea. Report from the land of stay.

“Oh my god, the queen is dead,” this is what Poppy and her friends of Chelsea’s French colleague “texted” to each other on September 8, when news of Elizabeth’s death broke. “After the announcement, everyone started sharing a photo of the Queen on Instagram … Read more in 20 minutes

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