At CES, Intel has added the processor of the future and replaced the editor


Let’s take a look at the most interesting things that will come on the market in the third or fourth quarter of 2021. The new twelve-generation processors, called Alder Lake, are all about changing architecture. Following the example of some ARM processors, it is a hybrid combination of very powerful and, conversely, relatively few powerful cores.

The Nenron application system handles weak and energy-efficient cores, resulting in low consumption and quiet cooling. On the contrary, for the performance of the nron application, the system manages with a powerful core so that the bed is finished as soon as possible. In addition, Nenron applications will not need to be blocked with powerful cores.

The processor is built with 10nm SuperFin technology, makes sense with DDR5 operating memories, it will most likely also support the PCI Express 5.0 interface, the bag will require a new LGA1700 socket, ie a new motherboard.

Alder Lake – Twelve generation processor Core stop in the mid-2021s.

During the press conference, Intel also showed that the desktop was equipped with a new IP, it was running, it was running Windows 10, but we didn’t find out all about it.

But back to the future.

Rakety pro desktopy

For the first time in a row, Intel has only offered mobile chips, and has also introduced desktop versions at CES. They have the name Rocket Lake-S and also contain the new graphic core Xe-LP, which according to the manufacturer has half the power compared to the previous generation. The processor is still made by a 14nm process, the cores have become a bit bigger in this generation, so they can fit on the same surface of the ipu. The novelty will offer a maximum of eight cores (thanks to HyperThreading16 threads), the Core i9 chips of the previous CometLake generation had ten cores.

The information about the 14 nm process probably stopped her attention. Unlike Tiger Lake mobile processors, the new desktop processors do not develop the new 10nm Willow Cove core, but the 14nm Sunny Cove cores from the next-generation Ice Lake processor. Just for the fake.

The processor has 20 lines of PCI Express 4.0, with a suitable chipset, thus offering high data throughput for both the graphics card and the M.2 slot for SSD or USB 3.2. The highest model i9-11900K will be clocked at 4.8 GHz, in one measure, according to Intel, it can handle 19 percent more instructions. There is also support for AI / ML in the form of Deep Learning Boost.

Tygi for laptops

There have also been new Tiger Lake processors for notebooks, both the U and the powerful H notebook.

In the dispute, five novelties were introduced, three of which are three-core and one two-core, all with 25W TDP, so these are powerful chips than two presented variants. In performance, these are three-week processors with 25W and 35W TDP and the new Intel Xe-LP graphics network.

The new chips have 15% more performance when processing one program thread than six generations of Core processors. Compared to the old Tiger Lake chips, this is 9% when processing one or 40% processing of the maximum amount of fiber. Integrated graphics have less than twice the performance of the next generation. The chips are ready for Wi-Fi 6, Thunderbolt 4, PCIe 4x and the so-called Resizable BAR, ie pm access to the video memory of Nvidia graphics cards.

Nvrat architects do role editele

The tenics of the cake is an interesting personal change. On the 15th of November, Bob Swan, the current director, will succeed Patrick Paul Gelsinger. This development and architect at Intel worked for you for a decade and until 2009.

He led the development of the 486 processor, worked on other boards and had no influence on the development of the Core and Xeon processors. He also worked as a technology director. For most of the time he didn’t work for Intel, he led VMware.



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