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At 200 Kg of Methamphetamine Disguised in Corn Sacks in the Rice Barn Page all

TANGERANG, KOMPAS.com – Tuesday (07/28/2020) afternoon at around 16:00 WIB, residents of RT 05 RW 13 Jalan Prabu Siliwangi, Cibodas District, Tangerang City were tantrumed with a raid on a large truck loaded with corn kernels in front of a warehouse rice.

The sacks in the truck were found to contain not only corn kernels but also hundreds kilogram drugs type of methamphetamine. The raid was carried out by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN).

A number of facts were later revealed from the raid led by BNN Deputy Eradication Inspector General Pol Arman The depari.

200 kg of drugs were found

Arman Depari said that in the raided truck, more than 200 kilograms of methamphetamine type narcotics were covered with sacks of corn.

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“The evidence of methamphetamine or amphetamine that we found was approximately 200 kilograms,” he said.

However, the number might increase because not all of the sacks in the truck have been examined by the BNN team.

In the raid, continued Arman, secured six people. It is still investigating their respective roles.

“Later we will sort out what is still their position, what is their role and what are their responsibilities,” he said.

Arman said that hundreds of kilograms of methamphetamine were raided when they were to be stored in a rice warehouse in Cibodas District, Tangerang City.

Storage in the rice warehouse is done to trick law enforcement so that when distributed they are not suspected of being drugs.

“It is stored in this place as if it were a rice warehouse, and from here the plan will be distributed or distributed to each customer,” said Arman.

He added, there was indeed rice in the warehouse suspected as camouflage so that the community would not be suspicious of loading and unloading activities there.

“There is rice for sale and it is only as a camouflage to trick the residents,” he said.

Warehouse rice is also used to store commodities such as corn.

According to Arman, the mode was carried out in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic so that it could escape the many safeguards of law enforcement officers.

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“They took advantage of this (a pandemic situation) with an estimate that if the vehicle carrying the staple goods would not be too closely watched by officers,” Arman said.

A similar mode, continued Arman, was found in Cikarang, Bekasi. The dealer pretends to carry logistics.

Local distributor network

Arman Depari said that the truck containing hundreds of kilograms of methamphetamine departed from Sumatra.

According to him, those involved are local networks. “Local networks in Jakarta, North Sumatra, Aceh, Lampung,” he said.

However, to ensure that the network is not involved in an international network, he will examine six suspects who have been secured and coordinate with drug eradication officials abroad.

“We will immediately coordinate through similar narcotics agents and officials in neighboring countries, especially in ASEAN,” Arman said.

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