Asylum seekers can travel on a cruise ship • The investigation into gas extraction continued

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Good morning! Today the first group of asylum seekers could board the cruise ship docked at the Velsen-Noord pier. And the parliamentary inquiry into the extraction of gas in Groningen continues.

First of all the weather: it will be a gray day, with clouds and rain from time to time. Later today, from time to time, the sun will peek, although there is still the possibility of a downpour. There will be 13 to 14 degrees and especially at the sea it can be quite windy.

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What can you expect today?

  • The Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) today awaits the first asylum seekers on the cruise ship in Velsen-Noord. Whether they can actually sleep there depends on the preliminary relief judge’s ruling in the lawsuit filed by a group of neighborhood entrepreneurs. They believe that the quay where the ship is moored is not suitable for life. The verdict is expected today.
  • After a brief interruption, the parliamentary inquiry into gas extraction in Groningen continues with interrogations. They are entering the fifth week.
  • With the slogan “I’m kidding! Shouldn’t that be possible ?!” launches a new campaign to combat bullying in the classroom.

What did you miss?

In Italy, right-wing bloc in parliamentary elections, according to the exit poll received between 41 and 45 percent of the vote. According to the Italian electoral system, this means that the right has sufficient votes for the majority. In the exit poll, Fratelli d’Italia, the radical right wing Giorgia Meloni, is the great winner of the elections. Her party gets between 22 and 26 percent of the vote.

In all likelihood, Meloni, 45, will become Italy’s first female prime minister and the first radical right-wing head of government after World War II. In a first reaction he said last night that the Italians have sent a “clear message”: “A right-wing government led by the Brothers of Italy”.

Other news of the evening:

  • Van der Poel fined for accident at hotel in Sydney: Cyclist Mathieu van der Poel was fined around 1000 euros in Australia for a fight with two girls in a hotel. The two would have made a noise and repeatedly knocked on his door, preventing the professional cyclist from sleeping shortly before his participation in the World Cup.
  • Water companies: imminent shortage of drinking water in the future: Ten drinking water companies warn in a report that a drinking water shortage could develop within a few years. According to companies, the water system is reaching its limits, also due to drought and the growing demand for water.
  • At least five killed by Hurricane Noru in the Philippines: The hurricane landed yesterday with winds of up to 185 kilometers per hour, with peaks of up to 150 miles per hour. The five dead are rescuers. Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from the coastal area by Noru.

And then this:

The Netherlands first presented a so-called stop-motion film at the Oscars in the category of best animated feature film. It’s about the movie Grunt, about a girl who receives a pig from her grandfather for his birthday. The film premiered in July and received rave reviews.

Watch the trailer below:

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