ASV Hamm-Westfalen Clinches Narrow Victory Against GWD Minden: Game Review

ASV Hamm-Westfalen also won the fourth league game of the season. Coach Michael Lerscht’s team celebrated a narrow but deserved 29:28 victory at fellow relegated team GWD Minden. In the decisive final phase, the guests were fully there and turned a 26:26 into a 29:26 within three minutes – the game was decided.

This was preceded by an exciting 53 minutes in which both teams made a few too many mistakes. While the hosts were more likely to make technical errors – GWD made a total of 16 of them – the ASV at least left a few too many free throws unused at times. Too much to make things clear earlier in the game. “I would have liked it to be a little clearer earlier,” said back Markus Fuchs, who had already worn the Minden jersey before his ten years at ASV.

In front of 1,233 spectators in the Merkur Arena in Lübbecke, where Minden is moving this season due to the renovation of its own Kampa hall, the teams started evenly. The ASV relied on speed as a collective right from the start, with middleman Amine Darmoul taking on a lot of responsibility for Minden, who also equalized in the fifth minute to make it 4-4. As a result, the guests set the tone and were up 12:9 in the first quarter of an hour. A timeout in the 17th minute brought a turnaround for Minden: Johannsson, Valdimarsson and Eles scored three times in a row, the ASV failed several times due to GWD goalkeeper Malte Semisch, who had a good evening with a total of 14 saves. Captain Fabian Huesmann initially prevented a deficit with his goal in the 22nd minute to make it 13:12. But the guests were to find themselves in this situation when Johannsson and Staar scored to give GWD the lead for the first time since the opening minutes. Now the lead changed back and forth, thanks to a goal from Nico Schöttle 25 seconds before the break and a strong save from Felix Hertlein, the ASV went into the break with a 17:16 lead.

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This lead lasted until the 49th minute. The guests started the second half strongly and didn’t allow a goal for almost five minutes. However, the Westphalians themselves also made a few bad throws, so Minden stayed close. However, the home team was no longer able to take the lead in the second half. After the 26:26, ASV, who continued to play consistently quickly, made better use of their chances and secured the preliminary decision. The final goals in the final minute by Danilo Radovic and Staar for Minden did not change the distribution of points. “It was a fighting, emotional game in which we threw everything into it. In the end we are too stupid,” said Semisch, annoyed after the game about the third defeat in the league. “I’m also wondering how we want to achieve the turnaround,” said a visibly frustrated GWD keeper in a DYN interview immediately after the game.

The most successful goalscorer of the evening was once again ASV captain Fabian Huesmann, who ended up putting eight of his ten attempts into the opponent’s goal. The approximately 50 Westphalian supporters who had traveled with them were also able to celebrate the first minutes of goalkeeper Marcos Colodeti, who took over for Hertlein in the final phase. The Brazilian contributed two saves and two assists to the away win. Hertlein returned again for a seven-meter shot and defended it against Darmoul.

TSV GWD Minden – ASV Hamm-Westphalia 28:29 (16:17)

GWD: Semisch (14 Paraden), Shamir (ne) – Valdimarsson (3), Kranzmann (2, 0/1 7m), Franz, Korte, Johannsson (3), Eles (2), Radovic (3), Stoyke (1 ), Staar (5), Sebetic (3), Bitsch, Klesniks, Urban, Darmoul (6)

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ASV: Hertlein (7 saves), Colodeti (2 pts) – Huesmann (8, ½ 7m), Fuchs, Schöttle (2), Artmeier, Sterba (2), Jungemann, Zintel (4/4), Bornemann (7) , Dayan (3), Stüber, von Boenigk (1), Bauer (2)

Strafen: GWD 4 min ASV 4 min

Referee: Tobias Schmack, Philipp Dinges

Viewers: 1,233

2023-09-23 20:39:14
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