Asus ROG Phone 3 Official Version Blocked, IMEI Allegedly Unregistered Page all – Number blocking regulations IMEI is actually intended for cellphones sold illegally in Indonesia (Black Market/ BM). However, cell phones gaming Asus ROG Phone 3 those who officially entered Indonesia last September were also blocked.

Some ROG Phone 3 cannot connect with cellular operators in Indonesia, including the ROG Phone 3 used KompasTekno. This problem only occurs when the SIM card is used in the second slot (SIM 2).

As soon as the SIM card is inserted, a notification appears that says “SIM 2 not allowed”. The notification indicates that SIM card 2 is unable to get a signal.

As a result, ROG Phone 3 users cannot use telephone, SMS, and internet services via the SIM 2 card.

Asus Indonesia also confirmed this. According to the Head of PR of Asus Indonesia, Muhammad Firman, this problem allegedly occurred because database The government-run BM mobile blocking machine (CEIR) is currently fully loaded.

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Firman says that the IMEI number on SIM card slot 2 is only registered on database Ministry of Industry and not registered in CEIR machines.

This is different from the IMEI number found in SIM card slot 1 which has been registered on database Ministry of Industry and CEIR system.

“Many IMEIs belonging to ROG Phone 3 do not have time to enter the CEIR system because they are too full,” said Firman to KompasTekno, Wednesday (7/10/2020).

Firman emphasized that this interference only occurs in SIM slot 2, so that ROG Phone 3 users are still connected to cellular operators through SIM card slot 1.

“The signal is safe if you use one card and it is installed in the SIM 1 slot,” said Firman.

Do not activate SIM 2

To prevent further problems, Firman appealed to users to only use one SIM card and not to use the second SIM card slot.

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Because, if the IMEI number of one of the SIM card slots is not registered as a legal IMEI, then there is a possibility that the cellphone network will be completely blocked.

“The GSMA regulation states, if the network detects that one of the IMEIs is not registered, all SIM slots will automatically be turned off,” said Firman.

Currently, Asus Indonesia claims to be coordinating with the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Communication and Information, and cellular operators regarding the loss of signal on ROG Phone 3.

As a form of responsibility for these problems, Asus Indonesia extended the warranty period for a full six months for affected users.

“Hopefully, the government can solve problems related to IMEI registration on cellular operator networks in less than 6 months,” Asus Indonesia explained in a written statement.

For more information, users can check the warranty status of ROG Phone 3 via the following link.

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Regarding the full capacity of BM’s cellphone blocking machines, the Director General of Resources for Post and Information Technology Equipment of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Ismail said that the government will take anticipatory steps, by cleaning the data on the IMEI number that is no longer used.

Deleting old IMEI numbers that are no longer used is done to increase the data storage capacity in the CEIR machine, thus providing room for a new IMEI number.

Previously, the CEIR machine contained all IMEI number data for HKT devices, both new and old device data.

“Later it will clean up data on devices that are not used, damaged, dead, not realized, not produced, and not imported. Later it will be separated from the system so that it is clean again,” explained Ismail to KompasTekno by telephone, Wednesday (30/9/2020).


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