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ASUS ProArt PA147CDV: Compact Mobile Monitor with 14ʺ 32:9 Full HD Display and USB-C Interface

ASUS ProArt PA147CDV is a very compact mobile monitor. The display panel adopts 14ʺ 32:9 Full HD resolution and uses a USB-C interface to connect to various video output devices. With it, you can easily connect your phone or tablet to The screen can be connected or used as a second screen for the computer, making it convenient for multi-tasking at any time!

The panel has Delta E < 2 color accuracy, 100% sRGB / Rec. 709 wide color gamut, and has 10-point touch and supports MPP 2.0!

Using 14-inch, 32:9 Full HD (1920 x 550) IPS panel ~

In terms of appearance design, PA147CDV has an exquisite appearance and won the 2021 Good Design Award and the 2021 Computex d&i Gold awards!

ProArt Display PA147CDV can also be said to be a 14-inch creative tool. With an aspect ratio of 32:9, the original intention of the design is to stimulate everyone’s creativity, thereby simplifying the creative workflow in the studio or on-site, and intuitively The easy-to-use ASUS Dial knob, customizable control panel, and 10-point touch screen (supports Microsoft Pen Protocol 2.0), it can be said that it is a small but full-featured device!

Designed to facilitate folding, storage and unfolding at an angle of up to 65 degrees

The patented mechanical stand design meets the screen browsing needs at an angle of 0~65 degrees, and can be easily folded at any time, and can support the monitor in portrait or landscape mode, making it suitable for different creator situations!

Flatten for easy storage!

The picture above shows an angle of 65 degrees~

Rich connection functions

PA147CDV provides a variety of connection ports to meet your creative needs. Two USB-C ports provide video and power input through one cable, and it also has an HDMI port that can be connected to various input sources to increase flexibility.

There is a power on/off button on the rear of the fuselage, next to a standard HDMI and two USB Type-C (DP Alt mode) ports.

Up to three sets of image sources can be connected at the same time, but if an HDMI device is to be used, one of the USB-C devices must provide more than 10W of power before it can be used (the USB-C device itself must also be used, otherwise another one will be used for power supply).

Adopts 14-inch, 32:9 Full HD (1920 x 550) high-definition IPS panel

The ASUS ProArt PA147CDV screen is certified by Calman and factory calibrated to Delta E < 2, covering 100% sRGB and Rec, 709 color spaces, showing the ultimate color!

ASUS Dial knobs and control panels support Adobe creative software and have shortcut keys!

Various display modes can be adjusted in the on-screen menu to easily match the usage situation at any time ~

Whether it’s brightness, contrast, chroma, hue, etc., there’s no shortage of advanced image adjustment functions!

There’s also a blue light filter, so everything can be adjusted at the click of a finger!

Super powerful ASUS control panel

The ASUS control panel (requires additional software installation, currently only supports Windows) can accurately and intuitively control applications, such as Adobe series software, DaVinci Resolve, Clip Studio Paint, etc. With customizable knobs, sliders, buttons, and vertical scroll wheels on the touch screen, we can easily and intuitively adjust brush size, saturation, and more.

With fully customizable knobs, sliders, buttons and vertical scroll wheel components displayed on the touch screen, we can easily assign components to change brush size, change saturation, and there are new color management features to help optimize Color tools. It’s fully customizable and works with a variety of apps!

Spin creative

Explore the new features offered by the world’s first ASUS Dial physical controller, an intuitive and easy-to-use physical controller that allows you to instantly and accurately control the parameters of your creative applications at the touch of your fingertips. Customized shortcut keys: Simply turn the ASUS Dial to zoom in and out of the image or adjust the brush size. The default interface can also be customized to suit your preferred working style.

Use context sharing

In this introduction, I mainly use Mac Mini M1 with Apple Studio Display as an application example, and the ASUS ProArt PA147CDV screen is used as the second screen on the right. I also tried to use it as a lower screen, but the fonts would be too small, which is difficult for me, an old man who is very nearsighted and a little presbyopic. I also tried to use the ProArt PA147CDV upright, but I think the situation of using it in this way is low, because The screen is too narrow, but maybe someone’s software window is suitable for this use!

The screen resolution is 1920 x 550, and the browsing screen is very clear!

Whether it is paired with a laptop or desktop computer, whether it is a Windows or Mac system as a second screen, there is no problem! The large screen allows us to fully use it, and the ProArt PA147CDV screen is fine for entertainment purposes!

For example, we can edit images or videos in full screen, and use the ProArt PA147CDV screen to listen and control music!

It can also be used to browse, control and play Apple Music video music ~

Or browse other pictures~

The ProArt PA147CDV screen can also browse the web and check the information or various information you want to master at any time ~

Place the toolbar on the PA147CDV while enjoying a smooth 3D rendering experience on the main screen.

Recording and Mixing: Record, mix and control tracks on the PA147CDV for more control.

Video Editing: Scroll through the video timeline on the PA147CDV and enjoy full-screen visuals on your monitor or laptop.​

Natural writing or drawing: Supports MPP 2.0, you can use a pen or stylus to write down or draw creative ideas when inspiration strikes.

Summary of experience:

Whether used as a secondary screen for a desktop or laptop computer, the practicality and color performance of ASUS ProArt PA147CDV are really unparalleled. It is very suitable for use as a second screen that extends the desktop. We can use some of the more commonly used software Drag the window here to browse at any time, or use it for comparison before and after editing when editing photos. The video editor can also use ASUS ProArt PA147CDV as a full-screen preview of the output image, so that you can correct the video at any time and create twice the result with half the effort!

But if you want a high-end professional mobile screen with a larger screen size, then you can refer to another ASUS screen: ProArt PA169CDV (click me for the unboxing article); it has a 15.6-inch 4K high-definition screen and passes PANTONE and Calman-certified portable external monitor, which also provides a drawing tablet function!

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