ASUS introduces Chromebook CX9 with Core i7, Titan C chip and 16mm thickness – Computer – News

ASUS announced two new Chromebooks at CES 2021, the Chromebook CX9 and the Chromebook Flip CX5. The Chromebook CX9 is equipped with an Intel i7 processor and is 16mm thick.

The Chromebook CX9 has a magnesium alloy chassis and a 14 “panel. According to ASUS, the laptop weighs about one kilogram. The device has a Thunderbolt 4 port, a USB type-A port and an HDMI port. Chromebook CX9 equipped with a fingerprint scanner and a Titan Csecurity chip for the storage of passwords, among other things.

Furthermore, ASUS does not release much about the specifications of the laptops. The i7 processor is of the eleventh generation and has an Xe GPU, but ASUS has not yet announced which processor this is exactly. That also applies to the Chromebook Flip CX5. This one will also get an 11th generation Intel processor, but it is unknown which one. Both Chromebooks support Wi-Fi 6, or Wi-Fi over the 802.11ax protocol.

The Chromebook Flip CX5 gets a 15.6 “panel that, as the name suggests, can be folded. The Flip CX5 gets 16 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD for storage. The storage can be expanded with a microSD card. Up to Finally, the Flip CX5 has a 57Wh battery, with which this Chromebook can last 12 hours according to ASUS.

ASUS will announce at a later date which configurations of the Chromebooks will come to the Netherlands and Belgium and what the recommended prices will be.

ASUS ChromeBook CX5 (CX5500)
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