ASUS claims its laptop as the first choice of gamers in the country


Illustration of using an ASUS laptop.

ASUS a few days ago in Jakarta claimed that laptop to play the game is the main choice for game players in Indonesia. Claim ASUS it is based on NVIDIA activation data. According to NVIDIA activation data as of September 2021, ASUS have market share for laptop gaming alias laptop for play gym in Indonesia by 59.7%. In other words, more than half of it is laptop ASUS. ASUS also added that this figure was the highest throughout 2021, while at the same time confirming that laptop PLEASE and TUF Gaming from it remains the choice of gym players in the homeland.

ASUS believes that its success is partly due to the technological innovations it makes for its devices. ASUS for example presenting PLEASE Flow X13. ASUS mention PLEASE The Flow X13 comes with a flexible design and is 2 in 1, specifically laptop convertible. ASUS claim PLEASE Flow X13 as laptop convertible the most powerful in the world and the first one to connect with PLEASE XG Mobile — the best external GPU solution ASUS.

Other than that, ASUS also worked with various well-known figures, such as Alan Walker and Nyjah Huston. Likewise with after-sales service. ASUS offers VIP Perfect Warranty for the line PLEASE. ASUS VIP Perfect Warranty provides extra protection for users in case of damage to the unit that is not covered by the standard warranty ASUS, including damage due to user negligence.

“This achievement is proof that laptop gaming PLEASE and TUF Gaming remains the first choice of gamers in Indonesia. Don’t forget to say a big thank you to gamers and community gaming in Indonesia who faithfully choose and use laptop gaming PLEASE as well as TUF Gaming, ”Said Jimmy Lin (ASUS Regional Director Southeast Asia). “This achievement also made us the more committed to presenting laptop gaming which is not just that powerful, but also quality and able to meet the needs gamers in Indonesia,” he added.

Even though it was down ASUS emphasize laptop for play gym PLEASE and TUF Gamingis recorded as a series laptop for play gym the most popular in Indonesia so far this year. As already mentioned, based on NVIDIA activation data, in September 2021, the market share ASUS for laptop play gym in Indonesia is 59.7%. The market share increased significantly from August 2021 which was 49%.


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