Asunciere Atlan .. The University Hospital in Tanta is investigating the “Murr” incident

11:36 PM

Thursday 02 January 2020

Gharbia-Marwa Shaheen:

Today, Thursday, social media activists shared a video of employees of Tanta University Hospital, as they transported a patient on his bed to the intensive care room, by stairs, due to the failure of the hospital elevators.

For his part, Dr. Hassan Al-Tatawi, General Supervisor of Tanta University Hospitals, said that he directed an investigation into the incident to ensure the authenticity of the video or not, indicating that the technical condition of elevators is not good, and from time to time breakdowns occur, and the elevator company is notified with an official reference to perform maintenance operations “.

“Al-Tataoui” said in statements related to “Masrawy” that the hospital enjoys great care and attention, and the university provides its energies to provide a distinguished service, noting that the hospital receives an average of 31 thousand patients per month.

Al-Tatawi added that the hospital had previously requested to activate cooperation between the university and the hospitals of the Ministry of Health in the governorate, to reduce the burden on the hospital.

“Al-Tataoui” explained that the hospital’s human cadres are highly efficient, but the demand for the hospital affects its facilities, and needs continuous development, noting that Tanta University Hospital has 3 elevators and a fourth in the attached building, all of which have been issued a decision banning its use and final operation of its gravity. The lives of the sick, those who hesitate to the hospital and the employees therein, are attributed to the maintenance company.

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