Asturias reports 44 new positives and three outbreaks in residences in Gijón | BE Gijón | Today for Today Gijón

The Epidemiological Surveillance Service of the Ministry of Health has communicated 44 positive cases of COVID-19. He has also declared both sprouts in the Aurora Álvarez and Clara Ferrer public residences, in Gijón, with one and two cases, respectively, from non-assistance workers, that is, who do not provide direct assistance to residents.

The new positives have been detected for a periodic screening of the Health Service of the Principality of Asturias (Sespa) to the professionals of these social health centers. In addition, it has been discovered another affected at the Montevil Gerontological Center (Gijón) during replay Of the tests. This is a resident who has been transferred to the Center for People with Neurological Disabilities of Langreo (Credine).

Between the new positives, two workers of the special education center Don Orione de Posada de Llanes.

All affected are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, so they remain in isolation in their homes, except one of them, what has been hospitalized.

According to the protocol, prevention measures have been adopted such as suspension of visits and walks to protect the elderly residents in these establishments.

Outbreak Avilés, 430 CRP

Regarding the evolution of outbreak linked to three bars Aviles, the Microbiology Laboratory of the San Agustín University Hospital has detected fifteen cases positive, what bring the total number to 33 of affected.

The toilets of the sanitary area III took yesterday 430 samples in the COVID car installed in the parking lot of the La Magdalena Exhibition Pavilion and is planned what today at least other 450 tests.

Sespa makes a public appeal when it is necessary to detect asymptomatic people due to the risk of community transmission. Until this morning 1.405 customers of the Valsa establishments and the Piol and Don Pelayo bars, 97 more than yesterday, had completed the form in the link of Astursalud. You can also call the phone 984 100 400. The service CovidAnswers attend the inquiries of the public about the coronavirus and redirect calls if health care is needed.

As in all population screenings, appointments are made based on health parameters to ensure that the test is effective in detecting the virus. The direction of the Health Area III (Avilés) asks people by appointment to come punctually for a PCR sample collection.

The negative results will communicate by SMS; the positive, through a call telephone. In both cases, while waiting for the result there is no sick leave, although social life should be restricted. You can go to work as long as you do not have symptoms compatible with the COVID-19, although the recommended safety measures should be extreme, such as the correct use of a mask, frequent hand washing with soap and maintaining an interpersonal distance of at least one and a half meters.

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