Asturias registers the worst data of the second wave of coronavirus with 85 positives | BE Gijón | Today for Today Gijón

The Ministry of Health has confirmed 85 positives by coronavirus diagnosed in the last 24 hours, among which are close contacts of known cases. The Epidemiological Surveillance Service continues to study the rest of the positives to establish the epidemiological link.

The new positives relate to urban areas of various health areas, especially in the III (Avilés), IV (Oviedo), V (Gijón), WE (East) and VIII (Nalón). Right now contact studies are underway necessary to establish the epidemiological link. A stabilization of the cases in Aviles.

Two people they have specified hospitalization and there has been a new entry in FIA of a case diagnosed in previous days. He rest of those recently affected are asymptomatic or present mild symptomatology and they remain in isolation in their homes. Further, a person has passed away, a 95 year old male who was admitted to the Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA) since the September 2, without any relationship with health centers.

Until now no new positives have been registered in any residential facility of older people, but they are studied suspicious caseswith close contacts of others affected in 38 centers. In total, there are eleven establishments of this type in which there are confirmed cases and they have visits and walks in 29 facilities suspended.

The data is updated continuously. This explains, says the council, that “the accumulated figures since the beginning of the pandemic suffer variations, regardless of the cases reported daily to the ministry. For example, sometimes confirmed cases from dates prior to the notification date can be incorporated, or eliminated duplicates “

The General Directorate of Public Health is the sanitary Authority with competence to make a public appeal related to PCR tests. These appeals are used to carry out expanded contact studies that complement the investigation of the Close Contacts Surveillance System (SVCE) when it is considered that there are epidemiological criteria that advise its implementation to detect asymptomatic cases and avoid possible community transmission.

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