Asturias opens the deadline to apply for rental aid by COVID-19 | BE Gijón | Today for Today Gijón

With the non-essential activity stopped and citizenship at home, one of the great consequences of the economic impact of the COVID-19 it will be the impossibility for many families to pay the rent for the house.

In view of these difficulties, from Monday April 20 to September 30, it is already possible to process the request for direct rental aid launched by the Principality of Asturias intended for people financially affected by coronavirus crisis.

Help which will cover the 100% of the rent up to maximum of 500 euros, it can be extended for six months and the money will be paid in one payment directly to the owner. The processing will be done in order of request.

Those may request it tenants than since March 1 they are unemployed, be part of a temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) or are autonomous and have had to cease their activity. The program too extends to those families they don’t have income of more than 400 euros monthly since March 14 and to businessmen who have reduced their working hours to care for other people and are precarious.

The manager of the Municipal Company of the living place of Gijón, Susana González García, believe that the demand for these grants in Gijón will be very high, but remember that complementary to this line of subsidies, the usual rent aids from the City Council of Gijón are kept, and also remember that within the package of urgent measures approved in RD 11/2020, evictions will not be possible for six months.

The Procedure to request the aid it will be only telematic, through the page of the Asturian administration In it, a form will have to be completed through the computer or other mobile devices, which will include a responsible declaration in order to facilitate the request.

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