Asturias extends these Restrictions due to the Coronavirus

The coronavirus, unfortunately, continues to hit hard at Principality of Asturias. The infections, far from decreasing, continue to increase day after day and in the last day a new record of infections has been registered with 793 confirmed positives. It is due to this complicated situation that the Asturian Government has decided extend exceptional measures for 15 more days adopted by the region to face the pandemic.

The limitations that have been extended will extend until 00:00 hours on November 28 and within these are those that Asturias launched on October 14 when it returned to an updated phase 2.

The restrictions of capacity at wakes and funerals They will remain valid until November 28: 25 people maximum outdoors and 15 indoors.

In addition to this, the Principality also extends the meeting limitation both in open spaces and indoors: maximum six people.

Likewise, the Asturian Executive recommends that the population self-define and limit their social life as much as possible. It also advises to maximize the protection of the most vulnerable people and restrict participation in social gatherings.

And what about the bars in Asturias? And the perimeter closure?

For the time being, these restrictions remain in effect until the next November 18thTherefore, mobility between municipalities in Asturias will continue to be restricted for the moment. In the same case is the non-essential activity.

Measures such as the prohibition of consuming at the bar in hospitality establishments, of selling alcohol in shops after 10 p.m. or cutting capacity in shops, which have now been overcome by tougher restrictions, will be applied again as of November 18, when the current closure of non-essential activity (commerce and hospitality) will cease to be in force.


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