Astronomers Find Terrible Planets in Space, Some Are Showered With Rocks

JakartaCelestial objects in outer space which is not limited to make scientists and astronomers continue to do research. Moreover, there is the support of the rapid progress of science and technology.

Among the many studies, astronomers have found many exoplanets or planets outside our Solar System. But not to be inhabited, the discovery planet is said to be a terrible planet in outer space. What are the planets in question?

5 Terrible Planets Astronomers Ever Found:

1. Planet Wasp-76b

This planet is considered terrible because it can be the hottest and coldest planet. Because it is so close to its star, the planet’s daytime temperature can reach 4,000 degrees Celsius, hot enough for metal to vaporize.

But on the other side which is always dark because it’s not facing the star, the temperature is 1,000 degrees cooler so the metal can condense and drip like rain.

2. Planet TOI-1431b atau MASCARA-5b

The planet which is 490 light years from Earth is called terrible because it is one of the hottest planets ever discovered.

During the day the temperature on Planet TOI-1431b can reach 2,700 degrees Celsius, and at night it can reach 2,300 degrees Celsius. Even so hot, metal can evaporate on the planet.

3. Planet GJ 1214b

Planet GJ 1214b has a structure that is covered by water. But instead of getting colder, the planet has a hot surface ranging from 120 to 280 degrees Celsius. That’s because the planet is only 2 million km from its star.

4. Planet COROT-7b

Planets are rocky planets that are called similar to planet Earth because of their structure. On this planet, because it is rocky, the rain that falls on this exoplanet is in the form of small pebbles.

This is because its atmosphere is made up of the same materials as rock, including iron, silicon monoxide, sodium, and potassium.

5. Planet HD 189733 b

Not much different from the others, this planet is considered terrible because the temperature during the day can reach 965 degrees Celsius.

Even the most extreme, this gas planet has winds that can blow at speeds of 7,242 km / h, or six times the speed of sound.

Well, that’s it planet-planet terrible thing astronomers have ever found in outer space. In your opinion, which planet is the most terrifying?

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