Astronomers Find a Giant Planet 7.4 Billion Years Old

Illustration of the giant extrasolar planet Kepler-1704b

Astronomers from Giant Outer Transiting Exoplanet The Mass (GOT ‘EM) Survey has found a giant planet. The planet has a long orbital path around the star Kepler-1704 7.4 billion years old. This finding has been uploaded on pre print arXiv and will be published in Astronomical Journal.

Paul Dalba, an astronomer at the University of California, Riverside, said the newly discovered exoplanet or planet outside the solar system was labeled Kepler-1704b. The planet is super Jupiter, an astronomical object larger than the planet Jupiter. Its mass is 4.15 times that of Jupiter, making it super Jupiter very large ones that have been discovered to date.

The findings are based on a radial velocity (RV) survey. Researchers analyzed 14 radial velocity measurements Kepler-1704 on the Keck I telescope at WM Keck Observatory for 9.6 years.


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