Astrological forecast for the presidential vote on November 14 for “Trud”: If Radev wins, the crisis will last until 2027.

As astrological preconditions, strange as it may sound in our parliamentary republic, the current presidential elections are more important than the elections for the National Assembly. The reason is that if the current president wins a second term, the crisis in Bulgaria will last until 2027, regardless of how many governments will change by then and how many people will melt.

Bulgaria is currently in a state of bloodless civil war. In the global astrological picture of the Bulgarian society divided by hatred, the primitive aggression of the raised fist has more chances for supremacy than the intellect.

The sovereign decides. Every nation deserves its destiny.

Rumen Radev – Iliana Yotova

The composite map between incumbent President Radev and Vice President Yotova for their participation in the presidential election stands out with an important warning. People who promise support, personal and to the formations they represent, think only of their own interest, but at the same time feel deceived and misled by Radev and it is quite possible that an inappropriately spoken word or action of the couple in the campaign to suppress interest and the desire for revenge prevails.

In this regard, the application for participation in the elections submitted on October 11 under № 11 and the decision of CEC 711 do not work in favor of Radev-Yotova, because the emotion they will not be able to hide leads them to karmic retribution with the whole nation, even with people who recognize them as their choice. A surprising discovery for me in the star chart is that according to the astrological aspects the couple relies primarily on the support of the oldest population, which is most affected by the economic situation in Bulgaria. But, there is no cure for this mental paradox.

The bulletin with vibration 6 requires stabilization of what has been achieved, which is a reaffirmation that the couple’s eyes are on the past, on the older generations and that the goal is to preserve the existing status quo at all costs.

The astrological chance of this couple really exists, and it is not small, but it does not guarantee them victory in the election. Well, that’s why the election machines, with whose manipulation the pair Radev – Yotova can win in the first round. If they miss the moment, the manipulations of the second round will be too risky and the victory will not be for them.

Anastas Gerdjikov – Nevyana Miteva

This presidential candidate couple should be an ideal combination of characters, common goals and a vision that unites people who think with their heads, and not those for whom formatted emotions are a kind of logical reasoning.

Anastas Gerdjikov was born on a date that makes him a purposeful person, but at the same time charges him with moments of unreasonable persistence and stubbornness, as well as incompetence in unexpected situations, when he is not prepared to think carefully about his words and actions. Typical of him is devotion and compassion, which, however, earn him enemies. His fateful path of constant difficulties and trials aims to suppress what was set from the date of his birth and to turn him into a harmonious person.

His partner in the presidential couple is born in a stable earth sign, under the influence of vibration, which at times turns her from too tactful to tactless and ready to say everything she thinks, even to her own detriment. Her fateful path turns her into a man of order, of understanding.

Two coincidences in the application for registration with the CEC and the two subject to vibration 7 are interesting – their battle will be through intellect, not aggression and a serious warning to control their emotions. This means that in a direct debate with Radev, it will not be difficult for Gerdjikov to be thrown off balance, because Radev never speaks on the merits, he ironizes, humiliates and attacks with sarcasm to cover up his ignorance.

The tandem composite card is a carrier of difficulties on the one hand, but on the other as a general vibration of the ability to communicate with people and gain their trust. Negative of this vibration is sometimes the contradictory speech, if everyone can like it, which is impossible and more likely to repel many. The campaign is forthcoming and if they clarify their vision, they will avoid this serious negative.
The composite card with the election day is a carrier of positive changes, creation of positive karma for the whole nation, an attempt for unity and reconciliation of our divided society. Excellent chance if you avoid the negatives.

The ballot paper subject to vibration 15 is a carrier of stability, integrity during the election campaign according to the dictates of the double number. The day of the ballot draw is in a composite personal year of analysis, in a month of karmic retribution and in a day of new acquaintances. It is up to Gerdjikov and Miteva to recognize the fraudsters and those who aim to fail them at the last moment, on election day.

They have an astrological chance in the second round to win, but not alone, but with the help of the shoulder that will support them.

Lozan Panov – Maria Kasimova – Moase

Astrological configurations do not give them a chance to win once, and a second time, if the two simultaneously run an election campaign no later than the third day of their closer business communication will have exchanged harsh words and germinated the harbingers of their mutual intolerance. This couple is absurd to grotesque.

Lozan Panov, born in a fiery sign, on an impulsive date, stubborn to the point of standing against himself and being in complete contradiction with the written rules and laws, of Karma and Fate confronts a vice-president born in Libra – seemingly a sign of harmony and understanding, but in fact a man of constant hesitation, with irritatingly pronounced variability due to the vibration of her day of birth, and an equally pronounced stubborn disagreement even for no reason, no matter what appearance and behavior show. I would say, poor Lozan Panov, some big number tidied him up, whether on purpose or out of incompetence, I don’t know.

In the presidential race, his motivation is to find a new environment in which to be valued, to receive true recognition for his qualities, because despite his high position, he is perceived as invaluable as he deserves. The motivation of the lady is only the material benefit that the post brings. Nothing else.

The composite card for this common personal year is a carrier of difficulties caused by side and unexpected factors, harmful haste, a desire to obsess voters, although it is unattainable, all problems. Of the other astrological factors, I will mention only the most important.

Their campaign will be saturated with inappropriate contacts and promises, but without coverage. The application for registration in the elections was submitted again in a personal year of difficulties, in a month of negative changes and on a day of karmic retribution, which is an insurmountable obstacle in their intentions to win.

The number 19 bulletin is the bearer of hasty joy from a recent new beginning, drawn in their personal year of difficulties, in a month of change and in a day of endless emotions.

There is no natural chance to win naturally.

Mustafa Karaday – Iskra Mihailova

The repeated checks of the calculations you make for this presidential candidate couple led me to the unexpected conclusion that astrological negatives both between them and in all composite charts in the registration process do not exist. Only warnings, easy to follow, as if Fate was on their side and invisibly guided their actions.

Both partners were born in earth signs and managed with intelligence, calmness and in-depth analysis to cope with the difficulties and challenges along the way. During the campaign they are in personal periods of difficulties caused by side and unexpected factors, but due to the routine and accumulated experience they will overcome them without damage.

Their composite card for their current personal year allows them karmic retribution with the enemies of the MRF in general and with Rumen Radev in particular. They are asked to obey the Fate, which will provide them with useful moves, not to hurry, their promises to be real and feasible, in order to attract voters outside the MRF. I repeat, the most important thing is not to rush into anything during the campaign.

The decision of the CEC to admit the couple to the election race is again in their personal year of Destiny, in a month of new environment and active communication and in a day of change. All positives.

The ballot number 17 is again on karmic retribution, as well as the vibration on the day of their composite star map and promises care for the people, not only for their voters, promises unification, not disunity. It is drawn in a personal year of obedience, in a month of acquaintances and in a day of analysis and good judgment of the people who admit to themselves.

The two partners in the presidential race are aware that they will not win the battle on their own, although the miracle may happen but will show everyone the unavoidable importance of the MRF in Bulgarian society, thanks to which they will tip the scales to victory of their preferred candidate. Such are the natural planetary talents, and they have apparently succeeded brilliantly in neutralizing the outflow of votes from the party through manipulated machine voting.



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