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The horoscope is presented by the Mandragora salon.

Aries have established themselves as employees with an endless stream of ideas. Your environment, as always, has high hopes for you. The day is great for traveling, making acquaintances, active correspondence.

The most adventurous TAURUS think about a new source of income. Good time to update your wardrobe. There is, however, a risk to be led by public opinion: be guided by your own interests.

IN Gemini it is possible to meet with an unusual person and develop strange relationships. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated, do not succumb to provocations. It is good to look at flowing water.

In personal life CANCER misunderstandings and resentments may arise. Try not to deal with unpleasant, suppressive personalities today. A great time for self-discovery, promoting original ideas.

Good luck LVOV depends on their ability to express their thoughts. The conversation with influential people will most likely work out well. If you wish and with the proper attitude, you can lead the course of business negotiations and personal conversations.

Virgo, the longer you enjoy your success, the less strength you have left to conquer new heights. So do not stop there. A good day for representatives of the creative profession.

IN WEIGHTS the leader’s abilities are activated. There may be a craving for changing places, a desire to live according to a free schedule, not to depend on anyone. Believe in your own strength – now you can do anything.

Aspiration SCORPIO self-affirmation will come into conflict with the desire to spend this day without incident. Mutual understanding and support will be given by a loved one. Probably receiving news from distant relatives.

Get as much of life as you want today SAGITTARIUS… Difficulties in contacts may appear – it is better to narrow the circle of communication for now, to do more than speak. Creative intuition grows, impressive achievements in art are possible.

CAPRICORNS will reach mutual understanding with colleagues if they show gentleness and patience. Shopping and acquisitions will be successful. Remember that getting enough sleep is essential to restore your physical and mental strength.

IN VODOLEEV period of revision of values ​​and their capabilities. The trip will bring success and many new contacts. Problems can be caused by people who are older in rank or age.

Increased ability FISH combine elements of old and new. Family events will require your active participation. We’ll have to strain to get what we want everywhere.


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