astrologers have discovered which zodiac signs no one likes

It is not easy for the natives of these signs to find a common language with others.

It is easy and pleasant to communicate with some people: they win you over from the first minute of their acquaintance and the more they open up, the more our sympathy for them increases. Which, on the contrary, literally from the first word and the first gesture causes a powerful antipathy and a desire to say goodbye to this person as soon as possible. Also, never see him again. At the same time, he may not be doing anything particularly annoying, but there is something about him that unintentionally repels those around him. According to astrologers, the reason for this may be the sign of the zodiac. Some representatives of the zodiac circle make people angry even when they are alone indoors. Let’s talk about some unfortunate signs we are talking about.


As soon as representatives of the earth sign appear in the company, someone will surely roll their eyes with a look that says without words: “This boredom is back.” Virgo, no matter if they are men or women, they have pathological corrosiveness and meticulousness.

Remember how Monica, in the middle of the party, meticulously reminded Friends guests to close the indicators until they clicked?

So, this is a typical Virgo. Natives of this sign constantly find fault with others, tell them how to behave in that other situation, give unsolicited advice … In a word, it’s clear why Virgo is sometimes quietly hated.


The natives of the air sign have a whole host of qualities that can piss off even the most patient and understanding people. Aquarius is used to acting as they see fit, without thinking at all that their words and actions can hurt someone or at least cause trouble.

Parking so other cars can’t leave the yard is a common thing for sign representatives.

Also, in a good mood, the Aquarius can make promises left and right, but as soon as it comes time to fulfill his vows, he will start playing and avoiding those he promised from three boxes.


Another sign of the zodiac that can lead others to white heat is Pisces. Representatives of the water sign are overly emotional and touchy.

Just now you and Rybka were talking softly, joking and laughing, but now she is already sitting pouting and asking “What happened?” she stubbornly shakes her head, saying that everything is in order, and she defiantly turns away.

This only means one thing: some insignificant details have Rybka infuriated and now he’s waiting for you to guess what happened and start banging your forehead on the floor with repentance. The trouble is, anything could touch this sign.

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