AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine averages 70% effectiveness

In release, the lab reveals that the vaccine prevents 70 percent of people from developing the disease caused by the new coronavirus, according to provisional results of the phase 3 tests that proved that effectiveness resulted from the combination of two dosing regimes: one was 90 percent effective and the other 62 percent.

These are interim results from large-scale clinical trials developed in the UK and Brazil, says AstraZeneca. But in relation to the data already available, this vaccine has a lower efficacy rate than those of Pfizer / BioNTech or Moderna, which exceed 90 percent.

“The results of an interim analysis of the clinical trials of AZD1222 showed that the vaccine was highly effective in preventing Covid-19, its primary objective, and no hospitalizations or severe cases of the disease were recorded in the participants who received the vaccine. A total of 131 cases of Covid-19 were recorded in the provisional analysis “, read in the AstraZeneca statement.

Researchers involved in the production of this vaccine also pointed out that the vaccine “it is effective in preventing many people from getting sick and has been shown to work well in different age groups”.

The pharmaceutical company adds that effectiveness may even reach 90 percent “under a dosage regimen”.

“The efficacy and safety of this vaccine confirm that it will be highly effective against Covid-19 and will have an immediate impact on this public health emergency,” said Pascal Soriot, AstraZeneca’s CEO, in the statement.

More than 20,000 volunteers were involved, half in the UK and half in Brazil. Among those who received two doses of the vaccine, there were 30 cases of Covid-19 and 101 cases in people who received a sham injection.

When the volunteers received two “high” doses, the protection was 62 percent, but increased to 90 percent when people received a lower “dose” followed by a high dose. It is not yet clear, however, why this difference in effectiveness.

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According to BBC ethese results may be a triumph but also a disappointment after the results announced by the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna proved to be superior. However, the Oxford vaccine is much cheaper, easier to store and to reach all corners of the world than the other two, which may mean it will play a significant role in fighting the pandemic, if approved by regulators, the British broadcaster said.

Therefore, it is expected that, although the percentage of AstraZeneca vaccine effectiveness is lower, it will play a significant role in fighting the pandemic, if approved by regulators.

Remember that Oxford University researchers carried out the normal process of developing a vaccine, which would take a decade in just ten months.

The preliminary results now released by biopharmaceuticals have not yet been reviewed by peers or published in any scientific journal, something that should happen as soon as complete results of clinical trials are available. Process that, according to AstraZeneca, is already underway.


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