AstraZeneca drug with successful results for the treatment of COVID-19

Experimental cocktail of drugs for antibodies against COVID-19 of the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has been successful in reducing serious illness or death in non-hospitalized patients in a late-stage study. This was announced by the company, quoted by Reuters.

The preparation, called AZD7442, reduces the risk of developing severe COVID-19 or death by 50% in patients who had symptoms for seven days or less, meeting the primary endpoint of the study.

AstraZeneca antibody medicine prevents the symptoms of coronavirus

Recent studies have shown that the drug has controlled symptoms when taken as a preventative treatment

Early intervention with our antibody can lead to a significant reduction in the progression of severe disease, with prolonged protection for more than six months“, assured Me Pangalos, Executive Vice President of Biopharmaceuticals Research and Development at AstraZeneca.

The company will discuss the data with health authorities, she added, without giving details.

AstraZeneca is also developing the cocktail as a therapy to protect people who do not have a strong enough immune response to COVID-19 vaccines. The company sought urgent approval from US regulators to use it as a preventative drug last week.

A new pill for the treatment of COVID-19 halves the risk of hospitalization or death

A new pill for the treatment of COVID-19 halves the risk of hospitalization or death

It was developed by the American pharmaceutical companies Merck and Ridgeback



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