Astraxenae supports Thai government access to COVID-19 vaccine To stop the plague

27 Feb. 2021 5:20 p.m.

“Astra Seneca” Clarify even now “COVID-19” Will arrive in Thailand But the release can happen only after every step of the quality verification process. Expect a standard check to pass by the second week of this March.

On February 27, 2021 Astra Seneca (Thailand) revealed that vaccine transport “COVID-19” Of AstraZeneca, which arrived in Thailand on Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021, is one of the first vaccines in Asia-Pacific. The transport was originally placed in the second quarter due to the Thai government’s mission to support vaccine production in Southeast Asia. We sincerely hope that this mission will send a signal of confidence to the Thai people. That the process of fighting the epidemic is ongoing

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Astra Seneca would like to clarify that Even now, the vaccine has arrived in Thailand. But the release can only happen if the Astrazeneca vaccine has undergone a complete quality verification process. Each of our vaccines is subjected to more than 60 quality standard tests along the way from production to injection.

AstraZeneca also works closely with each country’s public health authorities. To reinforce confidence that the quality of the vaccine Meet the standard set for Thai people Like all AstraZeneca products, this rigorous work is to ensure everyone who receives our vaccines that they are of the highest standard.

For according to schedule The AstraZeneca vaccine will go through a quality standardization process by the second week of March. Astra Seneca is actively working in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health for the Thai people. So that the vaccine can be removed immediately after a quality standard inspection process

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However, Astra Seneca would like to thank the Thai people for their confidence and support. We will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Health and the relevant government agencies. For the health and benefit of the people By the COVID-19 vaccine Of Astra Seneca Passed the approval of the drug formula registration condition certification Or authorized for emergency use in over 50 countries by the World Health Organization.

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