Astra Zeneca antibody cocktail cures covid in tests

Astra Zeneca and Oxford University Vaccine PHOTO: Reuters

AstraZeneca’s anti-Covid-19 antibody cocktail, which has proven to be a preventative therapy for the uninfected, has been shown to be life-saving and prevent severe infection when used as a treatment for a week after the first symptoms, Reuters reported, quoted by BTA.

The drug, which is a combination of two AZD7442 antibodies, reduces the risk of severe covid-19 or death by 50 percent in non-hospitalized patients who show symptoms seven or less days ago, the British-Swedish company said.

The risk reduction is more significant in patients who start treatment five days after the onset of the first symptoms, as AstraZeneca enters the already saturated drug sector, which has been shown to prevent deterioration in patients with mild infection if taken. soon after the onset of symptoms.



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