Asteroid Twice Big Ben Will Approach Earth July 24, 2021

Maryland, — The 220-meter-diameter asteroid, classified under the term Apollo, will float through Earth’s orbit on July 24, 2021.

The asteroid, labeled 2008 GO20, is about twice the size of Big Ben — a London landmark. The celestial body will pass overhead at 15:35 WIB, or 20:35 UK time.

Called Apollo because 2008 GO20 will be at its closest approach to Earth. The first asteroid known to float very close to Earth was named Apollo in 1862.

Although close, the asteroid is unlikely to hit Earth. The asteroid will only pass through Earth safely at a speed of eight kilometers per second, or 17,895 miles per hour.

It is not known how long the asteroid was close to Earth. So far, NASA is still conducting intensive observations.



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