Asteroid Passing Near Earth, The Size Of A Truck

JAKARTA, – Asteroid the size of a truck passed over Earth hours after it was first discovered. The asteroid traverses closer to Earth’s surface than a ring of large communications satellites in orbit.

The space rock is categorized as asteroid 2021 RS2 and is between 7 and 17 feet (2.1 and 5.2 meters) in diameter, which makes it the equivalent of a small car and a larger pickup truck.

The asteroid comes within about 10,000 miles (16,000 kilometers) of Earth’s surface, which is twice as close to the planes on which large satellites fly. It’s only a little closer than the small asteroid that flew in last February.

Launching from Cnet, Saturday (11/9/2021), this small cosmic arrival is traveling at a decent speed, flying at more than 39,000 miles per hour (18 kilometers per second).

The Mount Lemmon survey in Arizona initially spotted it on Tuesday last week, and it wasn’t long before it approached. It is clear that the object continues to move through the Solar System without incident.

Editor: Dini Listiyani



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