Asteroid Bennu: Impending Collision Date Revealed by NASA

Asteroid Bennu: Impending Collision Date Revealed by NASA

Asteroid Bennu poses a potential threat to our planet, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Astronomers have now revealed the exact date when the object could collide with Earth. They then compare the consequences to the explosions of several dozen atomic bombs.

NASA has been observing the asteroid Bennu for almost 25 years, which has been causing wrinkles on the foreheads of experts. There is a possibility that it could collide with our planet. They therefore rank it among the two most dangerous bodies.

According to astronomers’ calculations, the fateful day of the collision is approaching. They expect a collision on September 24, 2182. The Space Authority reported about it on its website website.

Fortunately, the probability that this body will hit the planet is small. Experts estimate it at 1 in 2700. Otherwise, however, the consequences could be catastrophic. Bennu would have the force of approximately the explosions of up to 24 atomic bombs, the portal writes Mirror.

Experts discovered the asteroid in 1999 and classify it as an Apollo-class object. About 15,000 of them are registered. On average, Bennu is supposed to reach over 500 meters.

Already a few years ago, NASA launched a mission and sent the OSIRIS-REx probe to Bennu, which took samples from it. Now the program is almost over. On Sunday, September 24, the office is expected to pick up a capsule containing approximately 250 grams of asteroid samples. “This is pure and pristine material revealing the early secrets of the solar system,” he told the portal ABC News astrophysicist Hakeem Oluseyi.

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In addition, according to experts, the obtained data can help to better evaluate the probability of impact. In case of any deviation, NASA is ready to step in and try to change the trajectory of the object.

Apart from asteroid Bennu, the biggest threat to Earth at the moment is asteroid 1950 DA. It was discovered in February 1950. Originally, it was an object with the greatest chance of impacting the Earth, but subsequent calculations reduced this risk.

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