Asterix: the next volume will be called “Asterix and the Griffon”

The name of the 39th volume of the comic Asterix has been unveiled. This is’Asterix and the griffin, reveal RTL and franceinfo .

This new issue, still managed by Jean-Yves Ferri script and Didier Conrad draw, is due out on October 21, 2021.

A legendary creature half lion, half eagle

In mythology, the griffin is a legendary creature that borrows the body and face of an eagle and the back and hind legs of a lion. He also gave his name to a breed of dog native to Brittany, the griffon griffon.

This isn’t the first time the duo have encountered a legendary creature, as Afnor, ancestor of the Loch Ness monster testifies in Asterix among the Picts, but this is a first for its presence in the title and on the provisional front page, unveiled by Albert René Editions.

“A long and mysterious journey”

On the official comic website, this new 48-page volume is announced as “A long and mysterious journey in search of a strange and terrifying creature”.

Jean-Yves Ferri explains the choice of such a creature: “For my part, concerning the new album Asterix and the Griffin, it all started with a sculpted representation of the Tarasque: a terrifying animal from Celtic legends… Did our ancestors really believe in the real existence of these bizarre monsters? “.

Two series and an exhibition in preparation

The year 2021 is also filled with topicality for the heroes of René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo since Alain Chabat announced on March 3 that the characters will be there. fitted in series, available in 2023 on Netflix.

A series dedicated to dog Dogmatix will also see the light of day in September. Dogmatix and the irreducible, directed by Charles Vaucelle. While the “Asterix L’Européen” exhibition is currently scheduled from April 3 to November 28, at the Château de Malbrouck, in Moselle.



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