ASSISES. Neighbor quarrel in Kortenaken: “Is something wrong?” And two minutes later the neighbor was dead | Inland

Scene from the drama, the Liefkensrode in Kortenaken. A narrow road in the middle of what the Flemish administration calls in its jargon “valuable agricultural area”. Let’s stick to a beautiful, quiet part of Flemish Brabant with a few houses here and there. Luc Dams, his wife and his two children have lived there for many years, that summer of 2016. Twenty-three to be precise. Roger Putseys and his wife, for their part, lived in Loksbergen for decades after their marriage. The day they inherit a very beautiful piece of land at the Liefkensrode in Kortenaken from the accused’s mother-in-law, the idea arises to spend their old age there. Roger himself starts construction in 2006. Six years later, he and his wife move into their new home.

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