Aspi: summit at Palazzo Chigi, answers by 30 or revocation – Politics


Continue with the revocation of the concession to Autostrade, if no answers will arrive from Atlantia by 30 September that will allow us to continue the path decided in July by the government to make Aspi public with the entry of Cdp. It is the government line that emerged, according to what we learn, from a summit that took place yesterday night at Palazzo Chigi. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, as anticipated by some newspapers, met with ministers Roberto Gualtieri and Paola De Micheli. With them the general secretary of Father Chigi Roberto Chieppa and the heads of the cabinet of the ministries of the Economy Luigi Carbone and of the Infrastructures Alberto Stancanelli. According to government sources, the assessment of an “increasingly compromised” situation and a unitary position in favor of starting the revocation procedure would have emerged, if the answers requested in recent days do not arrive, even in an exchange of letters with the company.


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