“Asnate Rancāne: The Strong and Talented Soloist of Tautumeitas”

Fragile and gentle on the outside, but strong on the inside, Asnate Rancāne, the soloist of the “Tautumeitas” group, inspires with her talent and great work abilities, reminding us how important traditions and the heritage of generations are.

In her life, music is a necessity, not an obligation: “I’ve thought that I could leave “Tautumeitės” if there was such a need, but it would be painful, because that’s where I fulfill myself the most.” A conversation about growing up in a family of musicians, the group “Tautumeitas”, relationship with my sister, Japan tour, challenges of love, emotional independence, diagnosis – multiple sclerosis, mental anxiety, purposefulness and choosing to live the life of my dreams.

2023-06-01 05:06:22
#leader #group #Tautumeitas #Asnate #Rancāne #music #family #mental #anxiety

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