Asleep in the Car, These 2 Men Cause Traffic Congestion

KUALA LUMPUR, – Two men reportedly inflicted congestion traffic after fall asleep of car they.

In the video uploaded by a Twitter account called Position Netizen Malaysia, saw the recorder approaching the two men.

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The 27-second broadcast shows two men sleeping just like that with the window open.

One of the men fell asleep wearing a jersey Liverpool. While the men sleeping behind the wheel are shirtless.

Reported World of Buzz Monday (5/4/2021), they did not wake up even though the recorder knocked and shook the leg of one of them.

“According to the information, they are drunk and sleep in front of a traffic light. I’m not sure where and when the incident happened,” explained the Malaysian Netizen Department.

The action of the two, sleeping with the sound of music playing loudly, causing congestion in front of traffic lights.

Netizens were laughing at the video, with one of them linking Liverpool’s victory in the Premier League.

Meanwhile, other internet users were worried, and urged those who were drunk not to drive.

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