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It is burning heavily in Kirkebygda school in Våler municipality. Residents nearby can be evacuated.


Updated less than 10 minutes ago

Police first reported the fire at 4pm on Thursday. At 17.26, they write in an update that there is a “negative development on the fire”.

– We have no control. There is a fire under development. The wind is a challenge for us. It is starting to get hot in the vegetation around the school on the north side, says operations manager Terje Marstad to VG at 18.05

He states that the police are now investigating high-voltage lines and a transformer station near the school.

– We may soon have to disconnect them – then parts of the village here may lose power.

See more photos in the gallery below.

Fear of spreading

According to Marstad, the school will receive «extensive damage».

– We can rejoice that no one is injured, but that is the only thing we can rejoice in so far.

A nearby kindergarten was evacuated early.

Marstad states that the kindergarten was at the end of the day, and is now closed.

At 17.50, the police write that people live in Østlia, Folkestadlia, Folkestadstubben and Folkestadvien to close doors and windows.

– Preferably these are homes on the north side of the school, which first and foremost have to hatch hatches. But if it goes in the terrain, we are afraid that it may burn away to the construction site, says Marstad.

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The mayor of farmers: – Get in touch asap

On Facebook, mayor Reidar Kaabbel (Sp) writes that the fire is “just sad”.

He also urges people not to stand in the way of the emergency services who are working hard to tame the fire.

In an update at 6 pm, the mayor asks farmers for help to put out the fire.

– Can farmers with manure wagons fill them with water and contact asap.

FARMERS ‘HELP: Mayor Reidar Kaabbel (Sp) in Våler municipality asks for help to put out the fire. Photo: Screenshot

Asap is an abbreviation for as soon as possible, or as soon as possible in Norwegian.

In the comments section below the Facebook post, there are several who write that they fill up manure trucks and other tanks with water.

They also write that they are on their way to the place with the water.

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