Asked Reporters, Minister Terawan Clumsily Wrong Entered the Room

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Minister of Health (Minister of Health) Terawan Agus Putranto mistakenly entered the room when he was being chased by reporters about the President’s video Joko Widodo angry because of the minister’s poor performance.

Terawan attended the House of Representatives Commission IX Working Meeting with the Minister of Health in Nusantara I Building, Parliament Complex, Jakarta. The meeting is scheduled to discuss the Ministry of Health’s budget for 2021.

The meeting starts at around 2:00 pm West Indonesia Time in private. The meeting was suspended at around 16:30 WIB. Board members enter and leave the room during the suspension period. However Terawan remained in the meeting room until the meeting resumed.

The meeting resumed at around 17:30 WIB and ended at 18:15 WIB. Terawan went out through the back door of the meeting room. had a chance to see him when he wanted to leave the Parliament Complex.

“Uh, I want that first,” Terawan said, greeting him, Monday (29/6) pm.

Terawan then awkward and reluctant to open the sound. Including when asked about President Jokowi’s anger about the Rp 75 trillion corona budget which was only used 1.53 percent.

The former Head of the Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital was only waving repeatedly. He ran towards the door and hurried up the stairs. The aides also shouted at him.

“Mr. permission, sir. Not there, sir. This way, sir,” said the aides.

Terawan turned. He went down to the garage downstairs. Then immediately entered his official car and left the Parliament Complex.

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The public has been shocked by President Joko Widodo’s angry speech at the performance of the ministers. In the video uploaded by the Presidential Secretariat on Youtube, Sunday (6/28), Jokowi said he was disappointed that there was no progress in the cabinet’s performance. He even specifically reprimanded the Ministry of Health regarding corona management.

“For example, I gave an example, the health sector, it was budgeted Rp. 75 trillion. Rp. 75 trillion was just 1.53 percent out, trying to circulate money in the public to all of them,” Jokowi said through a video uploaded on the Youtube account of the Presidential Secretariat, Sunday (6/28).

In the speech, Jokowi also asked his staff to improve their performance. He even stressed that he was not reluctant to reshuffle the cabinet or reshuffle.

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