ASIN to relaunch campaign for limitation initiative –

The Action for an Independent and Neutral Switzerland (ASIN) intends to relaunch its campaign in favor of the limitation initiative at the beginning of August. For her, this text has “good chances” of being adopted by the people on September 27th.

Launched by the SVP and the ASIN, the initiative “for moderate immigration” was initially to pass on May 17 before the people. The vote has been postponed to September 27 due to the coronavirus crisis.

This postponement is a real challenge, said ASIN on Thursday at a press conference in Bern. The extension of the campaign requires more financial resources and the coronavirus makes the organization of actions more difficult.

In the meantime, around one million brochures and leaflets have been distributed and the delivery of posters for individual placement has “increased massively”.

A campaign focused on the “for”

ASIN began its campaign in mid-February, presenting its main arguments against the free movement of people with the European Union, claiming that the latter is leading Switzerland to “suffocation”. The organization repeated its arguments on Thursday.

Representatives of the UDC and ASIN affirmed that they wanted to focus their campaign on the “pros”: for cheaper housing in cities, income security for citizens over 50, social insurance protection, the preservation of infrastructures, the protection of nature and the cultural space and “the preservation of our morals, traditions and security”, in particular.

>> Interview with Kevin Grangier, coordinator of ASIN Suisse romande and president of UDC Vaud:

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ASIN launches its campaign on free movement: interview with Kevin Grangier / Forum (video) / 5 min. / today at 18:00

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